Why you should Choose to Cruise with a Baby

Admittedly I had never cruised before our Mini-Hobo came into our lives.  A backpack and passport are more my style.  Parenthood got to me though and I couldn’t justify sneaking my baby into a hostel.  Hubby Hobo and I decided the best way to travel with our baby was to try a cruise.  Here are 7 really solid reasons to cruise with a baby.

Always an Appropriate Excursion – There are lots of options for excursions once you


Totem Poles in Sitka, AK

get to port.  Cruisers book these ahead of time and we found there were many baby-friendly day trips available.  Since we did an Alaskan cruise we opted for a hike to Mendenhall Glacier, a 14 Person Pedal Bike Tour, and a Duck Tour where our vehicle meandered around town and then drove into the water to boat around the harbour. Mini-Hobo just hung out in a carrier on my back.  There are lots of great options for scenic hikes or simply exploring the shops and restaurants in each town.

Doting Elderly People – Let’s face it, the majority of cruisers are seniors.  This isn’t a bad thing though!  Elderly people LOVE babies.  You will never be short of hands on a cruise.  If you need a minute to grab something out of your diaper bag there are lots of Grandmothers and Grandfathers who jump at the chance to hold your wee one.  People even bought our baby souvenirs and gifts!

Room Service – This was a lifesaver.  Any parent probably knows that babies can be



early risers.  Add in a time change and you might just find yourself up at 5 am everyday with no access to food until the dining hall opens at 7.  The solution? Room service, my friend!  It is free on ships and you can put in a standing order.  We had coffee, eggs, fresh fruit, and pastries delivered to our door at 6 am sharp every day.  And the best part is that it is all included so no extra fees!

Balcony Naps – My advice to you if you are going to cruise with a baby, splurge on the


A little wine on the balcony during nap time

balcony! While baby is napping you can sneak out onto your little deck and enjoy the sunshine and scenery instead of being trapped inside a dark quiet room on your vacation.

Same Room Every Night – The beauty of a cruise is that you get to travel to many different ports or countries but your little one can sleep in the same familiar room every night.  This is especially amazing considering how much gear babies need.  You only need to pack and unpack once.  Most cruise lines will provide a crib for your baby to sleep in.

Lots of Onboard Entertainment – There is no shortage of things to do on a cruise.  Whether it be hanging by the pool, watching the evening show, testing your skills at trivia or bingo, or simply wandering the ship and taking in all the sights…. you’ll find lots of ways to entertain yourselves and your bambino.

Babysitting Service – Most cruise lines offer a babysitting service.  Some cruises only offer babysitting while in transit so check with your cruise line ahead of time.  The rates are fairly reasonable (about $10/hour).  Put baby to bed and go catch the evening show or book a fancy dinner so you can enjoy  a little time with your travelling companion.

There you have it!  7 Reasons you should Choose to Cruise with a Baby.  Travelling with a baby is never perfect but for us this was a great combination of a vacation that was stress-free and manageable while still enjoying the splendour of new and stunning sights.



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