Camping with a Baby: 10 Packing Must-Haves

This past week Mini-Hobo and I braved the great outdoors and went camping for a week.   Here are 10 Packing Must-Haves for a camping trip with a baby.

  1. Pop Up Play Tent – This was a lifesaver!  The pop-up tent with the screened in wallsIMG_3898 and attached floor gave Mini-Hobo a spot to crawl around without us having to worry about bugs, too much sun, or him eating fistfuls of sand and twigs.
  2. Wipes, wipes, and more wipes – Expect that your baby will get dirty while camping. The whole family used these wipes for cleaning hands, tidying the table and high chair, and wiping up food so birds or other critters don’t find leftovers.
  3. Sunscreen and Bug Repellant – No matter how much you try to stay in the shade,IMG_3842 baby will be exposed to a bit of sun.  If it’s too hot to cover up the little bambino with clothes keep some sunscreen on hand.  Also, a natural bug repellant to spray the high chair, stroller, or baby’s legs and arms can prevent a lot of itchy bites later.
  4. White noise machine – When camping one is supposed to enjoy the quiet serenity of nature but we know that doesn’t always happen.  The birds sing early in the morning and fellow campers may stay up singing around the campfire late at night.  Bring a white noise machine to help baby block out all the unfamiliar sounds.IMG_3908
  5. Stroller/Carrier – Having a way to transport baby is key.  The stroller is nice if the trails are smooth enough to meander on.  The carrier is perfect for hiking or completing tasks around camp.  Hopefully your wee one can catch a nap in one of these too!
  6. Sunhat and Sunglasses – See point #3; despite your best efforts baby will be exposed to the sun.  Bring a sunhat with a brim and sunglasses with a strap.  Now good luck trying to get your little one to keep them on!
  7. UV Blanket – Every afternoon we would walk Mini-Hobo around the campground or down the beach. And every afternoon he would fall asleep.  Having a UV blanket is handy in order to drape over the stroller so no sun or bugs have access to your little babe.  The blanket is breathable and semi-transparent too.
  8. Storage Bin – You are probably using one of these to pack your belongings; did you storage bin bath tubknow it can do double duty?  When Mini-Hobo got overheated or needed a bath we would simply fill the bin up with water and stick him in it.  He had a grand time splashing around!
  9. Clip on High Chair – On uneven terrain a high chair that clips onto the picnic table is perfect!  We left ours on the picnic table all week and simply took the tray off to give it a wipe (see #2) before every meal.
  10. An Easy-Going Attitude – Heading into the wilderness without electricity or easily accessible running water can seem daunting; especially with a baby.  Don’t worry, the fun you will have watching your little one take in all the joys of the outdoors will outweigh any less-than-luxurious living conditions you will endure.  Relax, have fun, know that there will be a few hard moments, and enjoy every minute of your adventure!

    What is your Camping Must-Have?  Add your suggestions in the comments.

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