Do’s and Don’t’s of Travelling with a Baby

Looking to take your baby on vacation?  Here are the Do’s and Don’t’s of Travelling with a Baby:

DO – Look for a deal where you little one tags along for free.  There are all-inclusive resorts where children join for free.  Some cruise lines offer promotions where the 3rd and 4th guest travel for free. The options are out there, you just have to find them.baby_time_zone

DON’T – Leave your time zone.  Having your baby wake up at 3:30 every morning because his or her little internal clock tells them it’s morning can definitely dampen your enthusiasm for the day’s activities.

DO – Your research on the weather during your time of travel.  There would be nothing worse that being cooped up in a small hotel room with a baby for a week due to torrential downpours.

DON’T – Expect to feel like you’re on vacation.  You are simply parenting in a different environment.  Your baby will not understand that you just want to relax on a beach with a margarita.

DO – Bring as little as possible.  Many vacation destinations will provide high chairs and cribs.  On some cruises or all-inclusive resorts you can even arrange to have diapers, wipes, and baby food waiting for you upon arrival.

DON’T – Think that your baby’s sleep or behaviour is going to be unaffected.  Babies love routine and familiarity.  It will take more energy to entertain them or put them down for naps than usual.

funnymemesfunnyphotos90DO – Fly!  Why not?  You bambino still goes for free on your lap. And let’s face it, several hours in a car with a wee one is not ideal.

DON’T – Expect everything to go to plan.  You need to roll with the punches more than ever when travelling with a baby.  Be flexible and keep an open-minded attitude.

DO – Splurge (within reason) on anything you know will make life easier or your vacation better.  Get the balcony on the cruise!  It will give you a space to go when the baby is napping.

DON’T – Take baby anywhere too hot.  Their skin is super sensitive to the sun and heat rash can make a wee one very cranky.

DO – Go somewhere with a babysitting service.  Whether this is a resort, cruise, or simply joining Grandma and Grandpa down South, make sure you get some time to yourself on your holiday.

DON’T – Let this article discourage you from taking your baby on vacation.

DO – Travel with your bundle of joy!  It is hard work and there may be situations that are less than ideal but you will have those memories forever.  Sometimes the unplanned parts of a trip are the ones you laugh about later.






5 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’t’s of Travelling with a Baby

  1. crosscountrylifeblog

    Im only 12 but I was looking around the travel section and found your blog. Readint this made me happy and some of them made me laugh (in a good way) with your writing. thanks for cheering me up, youve got a new follower! I also travel so travel tips are what im looking for. if you dont have those its all good anyway (:


  2. Mommy A

    This post is really helpful! I only had a couple of long road trips with my baby, never tried flying with them. Will bookmarked this post for future reference. I especially liked the part about timezones and not getting discourage because of this post.

    ~Mommy A, your new follower!

    Liked by 1 person


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